The founders of The house of Ara- Mrs. Savita Jain and Mrs. Avani K Chandan, a mother-daughter duo, are the heart, mind and soul of The house of Ara. The house of Ara is the union of their individual passion for fashion and clothes. The former was always inclined towards fashion, self-styling, and couture design. The latter found her raison d'être at a boutique in Italy and instantly identified her love for wanting to design her own fashion label. Our founders enjoy being updated on the latest fashion trends and design their collections in a way to infuse the latest fashion trends into Indian Weaves.

Sustainability of both art and nature is their driving force when it comes to birthing The house of Ara as the founders have envisioned a world where we can admire and take inspiration from Mother Nature along with preserving her beauty and making the world a better place to reside in. Their motivations are also deeply rooted in the sustenance and appreciation of rural artisans and Indian craftsmanship. The house of Ara brings together the best of the old and new!


How we wrap it up is what matters most because it’s a purchase, a story, a memory whose souvenir will always be with you. Our packaging is sustainable, suitable for reuse and a constant reminder of our mission.


The ones who cut, stitch, dye, and weave our designs are the family of The house of Ara. Indian handicrafts are being lost over time and we want to help reverse this degradation of art, heritage, and culture.


We are lovers of the beautiful manifestation of nature. From dyes to fabrics, we believe in non-polluting and organic means of production along with the usage of natural material.


The house of Ara is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere. A constellation is a unique pattern of stars. That's what The house of Ara is all about, rare patterns that adorn a fabric in every way, where a woman feels both confident and comfortable.

The house of Ara is the tale of a mother and daughter, sparked in 2013. We are a reimagined Indian fashion brand for women's clothing. Why reimagined, you ask? We infuse art in every thread by using Indian methods of block-printing, tie-dyeing, chikankari to create western attires like skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, jackets, etc. Reviving our Indian aesthetics onto trending fashion wear is our raison d'être.

We also established the brand from the lens of sustainability. Sustainable fashion is not a mere trend to us, it's our ideal. Every fabric used is organically grown and we use eco-friendly colors for our fabric dye. Along with carrying a stylish, western approach to our designs, our Indian fabrics and prints also support rural artisans from different parts of the country. We are materializing the unison of Western attires and Indian prints.

The charming simplicity and robustness of the Indian artistic tradition are for us, as they say, 'dyed in the wool'. The house of Ara is about the alignment of the stars to bring out two things we absolutely love~ Indianness stitched in threads of every colour sustainably and your sense of freedom and beauty while wearing what we create!

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