Ajrakh is part of the artistic legacy of the Indus Civilization. It is an intricate and complex handcrafted, block-printing technique that has been admired across time.


The colours used for printing are all organically extracted from nature’s vast palette of colours- Red from dried dhavdi flowers, blue from indigo, yellow from Turmeric, and black from iron shavings, millet flour, and molasses with the addition of ground tamarind seeds to thicken the dye. The printing is completed with the uses of traditional wooden blocks, a practice passed down from generation to generation.



Cupro is a ‘regenerated cellulose’ fabric made from cotton waste. It uses tiny silky, cotton fibres, known as a linter, that stick out of the cottonseed but is too small to spin. Cupro is a by-product of cotton fibre and is hence, considered a recycled textile material.


Manufactured with 100% plant-based materials, Cupro is completely biodegradable. What’s unique is that it touches like silk and yet is comfortable like cotton- a combination one can’t resist.